Our teams are trained to advise our clients regarding the correct positioning and layout of artwork. For us, this aspect of our work is even more important than the physical hanging. We are also able to advise you regarding associated issues such as lighting, damp, ventilation and security.

Layout & Hanging

Picture Hanging Services offers a professional service which incorporates a value-added aesthetic understanding and ensures that your artworks are hung securely, accurately and in relation to the decor that surrounds them. We hang paintings, mirrors, tapestries, ceramics, objets d’art and three dimensional artworks of all kinds. We build collages and photo groupings which brings your favourite pictures and personal memories to life. We also install and replace fittings, install security hangers as required and even make up customised hangings for those special situations.

Difficult Stuff

Picture Hanging Services are here to do the difficult stuff – like installing suspended art and dealing with the ‘big, heavy and high’ artworks. We are equipped to deal with all types of walling materials and finishes such as rough brick, drywall, tiles, glass, padded fabric and acoustic material. We have usually done it before and, if we haven’t, we enjoy a challenge.

Personal Service

Our secret is simple. We are a small team and we do it ourselves. Our business is small and efficient and our service is friendly and highly personalised. Each job is treated individually and no job is too big or too small. Check our references, talk with our clients and call us to discuss your personal requirements.

Picture Hanging

We can provide you with advice on layout of artworks including height, positioning and colour tones. Our fixtures and fittings are carefully chosen from reputable suppliers to achieve the best result possible. Our hanging is safe, secure and does not cause excessive damage to your walls. We will add or change any hangers, if required, so that the installation is always professionally done. This is usually done at no extra charge unless it is a specialised job when we have to use custom fixtures and fittings.


This is one of our specialties. We work with family pictures, school or university photos, certificates, mirrors or anything else you fancy, creating a stunning wall. Have a look at our gallery for examples. This is a great idea for those pictures you were not sure what to do with, in the office or on the stairs, we make them a visual attraction and centrepiece.

Security Hanging

We can provide security hanging when required. We have a range of different security mechanisms to suit different artworks and situations. Our systems reduce the possibility of theft and are simple but effective. Security hanging is also useful in high traffic areas so that artwork cannot be bumped or knocked off the wall. Security hanging is mostly applied in hotels, restaurants, offices, galleries and museums but can be installed anywhere, to most artworks.

Mirror Hanging

Mirrors can be tricky to hang and possibly dangerous if not hung securely. If you have invested in a large heavy mirror or series of mirrors, you need to take extra care in hanging it. Masonry walls can generally hold the weight of mirrors but only if they’re hung with the appropriate hanging fixtures necessary to cope with the mirror’s weight. If the mirror is to be hung in a location with drywall, special consideration is required. We take wall structure, hanging fixtures and hangings positions into account and we have the staff, tools and equipment to hang your large mirrors and other items, safely and securely.

Gallery Hanging Systems

We supply and install a professional top quality imported Gallery Hanging System. This system is used mostly for galleries, museums, expos, exhibitions, hotels etc, basically where art is frequently changed or for a specific look. It is a strong and flexible hanging system which adapts quickly to changing needs. One of the systems great advantages is its speed of use. Picture hanging and artwork hanging are an easy process with the gallery system.

Attractive. Strong. Secure. User-friendly. The Gallery System allows quick changes and adjustment of your display, but remains barely visible. The focus stays on your art. Our Gallery Hanging System offers a contemporary, stylish alternative to conventional methods of displaying art.

The Gallery Hanging System is a comprehensive, flexible, easy-to-use picture hanging system with a few simple parts: a track that mounts on the wall, moveable hangers that allow horizontal positioning and adjustable hooks that slide up and down for vertical positioning.

Headboard Installations

We install headboards of all shapes and sizes including some which are extra large or designed as multiple pieces to be arranged on the wall. Headboards are definitely becoming centrepieces in the bedroom and therefore much like our picture hanging we install hangers and hang the headboards straight, level and securely with minimum damage to your walls.

Bathroom Fittings Installations

Bathroom fittings can be expensive and require the correct installation to make sure they don’t move and are straight and flush againt the wall. Often we have to drill through tough tiles such as porcelain and marble but we have the right tools for the job. We also electronically test the wall to make sure we are not drilling into water pipes or cables.

Suspension Hanging

Suspension Art is becoming more and more popular. Whether it is hanging a textile suspended from the ceiling or banners floating on the wall. We have all the tools and materials required to suspend all your artworks, from stainless steel cable, chain and perlon.

Fine Art Transportation

Some treasures are simply irreplaceable. Paintings, sculptures, and other valuable pieces of fine art require extraordinary care to ensure safe transportation and delivery. We have the facility to transport artworks within Cape Town, dependent on size and quantity. We also collect and drop of artworks at Framers and Restorers. We can collect artwork for hanging and installation and also deliver art to clients from galleries.